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Start Your Own Fundraising Page Today!

Thank you so much for thinking of GEMS! There are many ways to give, and we're here to help in you any way we can. By creating a fundraising page, you are helping to support GEMS' girls and young women and make a positive impact in their lives!

Here's a suggested list of fundraising ideas:

1. Gift your birthday - Share your birthday with our girls and young women by asking your friends to donate to GEMS in lieu of a birthday gift.

2. Share the holiday cheer! –Be sure to include GEMS on your holiday wishlist. Ask your loved ones for a donation on behalf of our loved ones- our girls and young women. So make that list (and check it twice)

3. Lace up! – Setting your race goals? Why not set your fundraising goals too? Ask your friends to support your race by supporting your cause. You can help our girls thrive as you strive for the finish line!

4. Be a wedding belle! – Ask your family and friends to make a donation to GEMS in place of a gift for your wedding.

5. Catch a flick! – Host a screening of our documentary Very Young Girls or your favorite movie and add a fundraising component. Donate what you would have spent on tickets and snacks. Pass the popcorn, please!

6.Get creative!!– We’ve seen some great fundraising ideas, and if you have one, let us know! We’ve love to hear about it.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
bonnie pun $20.00
Sydney Lu $100.00
Kevin Liu $50.00 Wish them luck
Nerissa Young $100.00
Nicole Chao $25.00
Adrienne Hui $10.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Gary chmiel $15.00 Our kids did a lemonade stand and donated their earnings ;)
Yasonda Ford $10.00
Jordan Rice $50.00
Simona Vigh $75.00
Anonymous Donor $5.00 In memory of D, R.
Anonymous Donor $1000.00
Claire Benack $25.00 Happy belated birthday! Thanks for adding another reason to donate to this great organization! :)
Thomas Hansen $50.00 Happy Birthday Amanda, wonderful idea.
Libby Hicks $50.00 Happy Birthday Amanda. This is a wonderful idea and I am proud to donate.
Ashley and Andrew Navin $25.00 Happy birthday honey!!!!! xoxoxo
Andrea & Marcial Andrea & Marcial $100.00 Happy Birthday to you and Linds!
Daren Hicks $50.00
David Wilson $25.00 Great idea, great cause. Happy Birthday!
Joan and Reeves Hicks $75.00
Liz Miele $25.00 Happy Birthday, Muffin! Proud of you!
Heather Ramirez $15.00
Anonymous Donor $140.00
Shauna O'Brien $25.00 Happy Birthday Kristina!
Ben Adams $25.00 Happy Birthday Kristina!!
Andria Dorsten Ebert $10.00 Happy Birthday to you, Rachel! So proud of your impact, and glad to be in this fight together!
Ariel Abir $5.00 Thank you so much for all you do!!
Catherine Elliott $50.00 Love you sister!!! You are amazing!
Christi Kunze $30.00 Happy Birthday Kristina. So awesome of you to choose a charity in lieu of gifts.
HelenMary Tyszka $25.00 What a great way to celebrate you! Happy Birthday Beth!
Anonymous Donor $20.00 I love your cause. I wish you many blessings on your birthday and everyday as you keep doing the beautiful work you do. God bless you.
D C $25.00
Gary Larsen $25.00 Happy birthday Rachel!
Chelsea Hill $25.00 Beth Elliott is my Mentor and Hero!
Paula Poons $75.00 This is a fantastic thing. you have chosen to do. I am glad to be able to help. Happy birthday to an admirable and beautiful person.
Bill Elliott $25.00
Danielle Block $50.00 Happy Birthday Bethy!
Melinda B $20.00
Aurora Cicero $40.00 Happy Belated Birthday, Beth! Thank you for shining your light bright, lucky is the world to have you in it! (((BIG HUG))), Aurora
Natalia Krasnova $50.00 Happy Birthday Beth! Much love to you! My heart is with you <3
Susan Motheral $50.00
Susie Sourwine $25.00 Happy Birthday lovely! So wonderful to support women and girls in celebration of you. xo
Geetha Neelakantiah $25.00 Happy Birthday Beth! Love what you are doing.
S Friedland $18.00 thank you for using your bday for good, beth!
Tara Dixon $25.00 Happy Birthday!!
inna shapkina $15.00
Geof - With Love from Belmont $50.00 Happy Too!
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