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Start Your Own Fundraising Page Today!

Thank you so much for thinking of GEMS! There are many ways to give, and we're here to help in you any way we can. By creating a fundraising page, you are helping to support GEMS' girls and young women and make a positive impact in their lives!

Here's a suggested list of fundraising ideas:

1. Gift your birthday - Share your birthday with our girls and young women by asking your friends to donate to GEMS in lieu of a birthday gift.

2. Share the holiday cheer! –Be sure to include GEMS on your holiday wishlist. Ask your loved ones for a donation on behalf of our loved ones- our girls and young women. So make that list (and check it twice)

3. Lace up! – Setting your race goals? Why not set your fundraising goals too? Ask your friends to support your race by supporting your cause. You can help our girls thrive as you strive for the finish line!

4. Be a wedding belle! – Ask your family and friends to make a donation to GEMS in place of a gift for your wedding.

5. Catch a flick! – Host a screening of our documentary Very Young Girls or your favorite movie and add a fundraising component. Donate what you would have spent on tickets and snacks. Pass the popcorn, please!

6.Get creative!!– We’ve seen some great fundraising ideas, and if you have one, let us know! We’ve love to hear about it.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Sean Lawson $20.00 Happy birthday. I'm proud of you.
Daniel Hogan $25.00 Happy birthday from Dan and Sophie
Maegan and Shawn Siegfried $40.00 We love you :) Happy birthday Nicci!
Brittany Bibeau $20.00 Happy birthday Nicci! Love your heart to help others!
Kimberly Rohrs $20.00 Happy birthday Nicci! Galatians 6:9
Anonymous Donor $500.00 I just finished reading Girls Like Us - definitely an eye-opener. Keep up the good work!
Rick Gomez $100.00 Happy Birthday! You'd rather give to someone than have something given to you. Bless your heart.
Jenji Kohan $500.00 I want a haiku AND a love letter from Lena. Go GEMS!
Jenny Maryasis $1500.00
Robert Mandel $1000.00 Glad to be part of this wonderful organization.
Cindi Berger $400.00
R2 V2 $250.00
Jason Weinberg $300.00
Michael Grassi $100.00
Casey Bloys $300.00
Beej * $1000.00
Aleen Keshishian $400.00
Whitney Cummings $1000.00
Blair Kohan $1000.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Ali Adler $500.00
Mark and Brigette Romanek $1000.00
Anonymous Donor $500.00
Larry Salz $1000.00
Mindy Kaling $1500.00
Peter Benedek $2500.00
Jim & Molly K $5000.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00 For your act of benevolence.
Andrew Wagner $100.00 You're amazing and I love you so much. Happy birthday, Alana.
Kalev and Maria Alaton $50.00 Dear Alana: We are proud to have a granddaughter like you! With all our love
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Amber Deister $100.00 Happy Birthday Bindu - so happy to support you and the work of GEMS
Dennis and Laurie Wagner $50.00 For your birthday Alana because this means so much to you. We love you very much.
Kim M $25.00
Derek Worthington $500.00 Bindu, you are a credit to our Trinity Grace Church family. Proud to partner with you.
Ladson's Mom $50.00 You GO GAL! Blessed to be a blessing! Happy Birth DAY, indeed! These young girls are fortunate to have you in their corner!
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Susan Lee $50.00 Happy Birthday, Bindu! I'm happy to support GEMS!
Carol Beck $50.00 Happy birthday friend!
Alexis Terrizzi $10.00 Happy Birthday, Bindu!
Liz Lockwood $10.00 Celebrating with you! Happy Birthday!!
Sindu Balan $80.00 Happy birthday
Anonymous Donor $50.00 Happy Birthday!!!
Kim Barnes $25.00
Ruth Chan $10.00
Rachel Quiles $50.00 Thank you for your hard work and dedication to such an important cause. keep going strong to the young ladies who are trying to get out- YOU DO MATTER xoxo
Baly Cooley $100.00 This is an important part of pulling down the patriarchy. Thank you for this work and support.
Anonymous Donor $40.00 Happy 40th and many happy and healthy more years!
Larissa Temple $500.00 You inspire me everyday. A very HAPPY and joyous birthday Love, Lara
Kalpana Bhandarkar $250.00 Happy Birthday Rachel! Wishing you much happiness and fulfillment in the coming year. Much love, Kalpana.
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